Common Situations to Consider When Enrolling for Medicare Part D Coverage


If you…


You might want to…

Currently taking specific prescription drugs.

Look at Drug Plans that have included your medications in their formularies.  The compare the costs.

Want extra protection for high prescription drug costs.

Look for plans that offer coverage in the coverage gap (Doughnut Hole), and then check with those plans to be sure your prescribed medications would be covered during the coverage gap (note: come plans may charge a higher monthly premium).

Want you’re your expenses to be balanced throughout the year.

Look at plans with low and no deductibles or additional coverage in the coverage gap.

Use a lot of generic prescriptions.

Look at plans with tiers that charge you nothing or low co-payments for generic prescriptions.

Do not have many drug costs now, but want coverage for peace of mind, and to avoid future penalties.

Look for plans with low monthly premiums for drug coverage.  If you need prescriptions in the future, all plans must still cover most drugs used by people with Medicare.

Like the extra benefits and lower costs that are available by getting your health care and prescription drug coverage from one plan, and are willing to accept the plan’s restrictions on what doctors, hospitals and other health care providers you can use.

Look at Medicare Advantage Plans with prescription drug coverage.


 If you already have drug coverage, you probably do not need to sign up for Medicare, Part D coverage.  However, it is wise to check.


To learn more about Medicare Part D plans and choices that are best for you:

Contact Lorain County Office on Aging’s Benefits Counselors

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