Booker T. Washington Apartments (440) 282-5102
Housing for individuals with disabilities in which rent is based on your income.

Children's Developmental Center (440) 984-2416, (800) 852-8632
Therapeutic and diagnostic programs for children with physical and developmental delays.

Community Services for Deaf and Hard of Hearing (440) 277-4602
Sign language classes, assistive devices, English as a second language, community education.

Easter Seal Society of Northwestern Ohio (440) 277-7337
Equipment rental, home health services, speech and hearing services to age 21, recreation, & camping for youth with disabilities, advocacy, support groups, early child intervention, community education.

Lakeview Assisted Living (440) 246-0507
Assisted living for adults with disabilities

LEAP/CIL (440) 324-3444
(Linking Employment, Abilities and Potential) (See listing under education and job training)

Lorain County Board of Mental Retardation (440) 329-3734
Case management, early intervention, vocational transition, community resources, Special Olympics. Volunteer opportunities.

Lorain County Coalition of Citizens with Disabilities (440) 365-8402
Advocacy, disability legislation information, civil right information for people with disabilities.

Lorain County Partners in Early Childhood Intervention (800) 729-8687
Group of agencies that identify and serve children with special needs. Provide assessments, occupational therapy and respite care.

Lucy Idol Center for the Handicapped (440) 967-6724
Program for individuals with physical and mental disabilities between the ages of 19-60.

Meadow Vista Maximum Independent Living (440) 930-2420
Low income housing for adults with disabilities.

National Federation for the Blind of Lorain County (440) 775-2216
Support and advocacy for the blind and their families. State and National scholarships for blind students.

Northern Ohio SERRC “or”
Northern Ohio Special Education Regional Resource Center (440) 967-8355
1230 Beechview Drive, Suite 100
Vermilion, Ohio 44089
Educational agency serving school districts, parents and the entire community as they live and work with children. Services are provided through networks, collaborative efforts, professional development, technical assistance, assessment and dissemination of information to promote quality education. Web Site Address:

Ohio Coalition for the Education of Children with Disabilities - Regional Office (419) 595-2248
11565 Township Road 96
Alvada, Ohio 44802
Advocacy, support and training for parents and professionals.

Ohio Protection and Advocacy Association (216) 398-5501, (800) 672-1220
5350 Brookpark Road 
Cleveland, Ohio 44134
Advocacy for children with disabilities.

Ohio Rehabilitation Service Commission (440) 240-1060
State agency that assists people with disabilities with finding work. Provides job training, placement, counseling.

Our Lady of the Wayside (440) 934-6054
Multidimensional program for people who are mentally and developmentally disabled.

Sheffield Vista Maximum Independent Living (440) 233-6564
Low income housing for adults with mobility disabilities.

Vision Rehabilitation Services (440) 322-1122, (800) 233-6777
Low vision clinics for persons of all ages. Vision aids. Personal and vocational adjustment. Community Education.