What is a guardian's report?

A formal guardian's report to the probate court is now required of all guardians of incompetent persons. This report must be filed two years after the date of a guardian's appointment, and every two years thereafter. It is generally filed with the guardian's account. The probate court, on motion or by rule, has the authority to require such a report at any time.

The guardian's report must be made on a court prescribed form, and must contain a great deal of specific information, including a list of the number and nature of contacts with the ward over the period covered by the report; any major changes in the ward's physical or mental condition observed by the guardian; the guardian's opinion as to the necessity for continuing the guardianship and the adequacy of the care that the ward is receiving; and the date that the ward last saw a physician. The purpose of the report is to assist the probate court in determining if the guardian ship should be continued. The court may appoint an investigator to verify the report.